We’ve got a brand new look!

Essence Photography has a brand new look! 2014 comes with a brand new logo, new website and an improved proofing system. But underneath all the “new and improved” looks, Essence still¬† has the same heart. One of the things that I really pride myself on is the fact that each and every event becomes an opportunity to truely bring out the best in a person. We take the time to make sure you are having a great time while being photographed.

It’s the best feeling in the world when a bridal party says how much fun they had during the picture taking moments or when a mom cries because the pictures of her newborn baby touches her heart.¬† Time and time again first time clients turn into long time friends who trust Essence to capture the most important memories in their lives. That’s what keeps me motivated to try new things and stay current. It’s not about taking pictures…. it’s about being present to the moment, and that’s what brings so much joy into the work Essence does.

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